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There are a few documents that are a jumpstart to pages on this site based on things you want to do. It might be easier to start from there than this list of documentations. Go to the How-To pages by clicking here.


The documentation on this official Racer site can be used as a reference text. However, writing tutorials is a lot of work and I'd rather spend that in coding and stick to the easier reference texts. For interstyle documentation, WIKI exists. Currently 2 Wiki sites exist that contain tutorials/descriptions for Racer. Wiki allows editing by whoever likes to, so it's THE place for a fast growing user created manual. Use them well!


Subject Documentation
The game Driving Racer
Background information Racer's features
  Legal notes / licensing
  The future of Racer
Also installed

Curved (Windows only program to modify torque curves for example)

  CarLab (car physics editor, no longer supplied)
  Pacejka Player (tire force curve editor)
  Modeler (importing foreign model formats like ASE, VRML)
  TrackEd (arranging your track)
  Shady (shader editor, no longer supplied)
  GPLex (3DO to VRML exporter)
  Config (Windows only; quite old and mostly obsolete)
  Buildar (convert models into a compressed file format for faster load times and copyright protection; Windows only)
  DOF Fix (fixing older .dof files which are slightly incorrect)
  Ini (modifying .ini files in batch files)
  Log2mat (convert ASCII log files to MATLAB)
  Mat2Log (convert MATLAB files to ASCII)
  RTD2ASCII (convert RTD log files to ASCII) (v0.9.0RC6+)


Here are some tutorials that present a hands-on approach to various things you can do with Racer. Those marked 'X' are on external sites. Reference-style documents are presented below.



Background   Racer's directory and file structure
    Ini file basics (the building blocks of Racer)
    Developing car & tracks (content) for Racer; useful tips
    Getting more out of Racer
Graphics   Customizing the graphics
    Racer's engine limits
    Shader tutorial
    Shader engine reference
    Materials (physical properties for shaders)
    GPU / Cg shaders
    GLSL shaders (future)
    GPU Shading for tracks
    GPU Shading for cars
    HDR rendering (high dynamic range) in v0.8.0
    Playing with time of day
    Animation (based on skeletons in Max)
    Using GMax to create content
    Time of Day (TOD) editing
    Checking texture map resolution with stub textures (visualizing mipmapping)
    Adding Oculus Rift support (v0.9.0RC7+)
Advanced graphics   Multiplayer using multiple computers
    Multiview (side screens on separate PC's)
    Surround rendering (side screens on a single PC; for example with the nVidia 690 graphics card)
    Stereoscopic 3D rendering (with active shutter glasses) with Quadro's (3D Vision/Oculus Rift not yet supported)
Importing   Importing SCGT cars
    Importing SCGT tracks
    Importing GPL/N4 skies (requires Racer v0.5+)
    Importing GPL tracks (advanced)
Controls   Control sets: creating a custom control set file for your controller(s)
    Car focus
    On force feedback and steering wheels
    Replay generation and recording
Cars   Creating your own car (advanced, views & models)
    Car.ini fields reference (all the car's physics/graphics parameters; the definitive reference for car physics editors) - IMPORTANT
    The System - a tree of parameters & signals inside Racer
    Adding dials (views)
    Pacejka tire model constants
    Adding level of detail
    Adding wings to your car
    Adding windscreen wipers
    Exporting DOFs from ZModeler (by Ryan T)
    Adding generic models (car 3D model addons)
    Adding moving helmets & pilot bodies
    Adding a fuel tank
    Troubleshooting car physics
    Creating ghost cars
    Differentials (Viscous, LSD, Salisbury)
    Active differentials (using Onyx scripting)
    Adding backfire particles (mostly for rally cars)
    Car skinning - variations on a base car
    Shading cars
Non-cars   Faking motorbikes
Tracks   Creating your own track (advanced)
    Adding level of detail
    Adding realtime shadows to the track (and cars)
    ZModeler: lofting a track (by Ryan T)
    Adding rain to tracks
    Create waving flags
    X-tree technique for tracks
    Marshal posts
    Shading tracks
    Color grading tracks
    Creating environment maps for tracks
Gameplay   Multiplayer
    Shaders; a tutorial
    Using 3D Studio Max for Racer
    Racer.ini reference guide
Scripting   Console commands
    Onyx scripting language
    Q scripting language
    Component Entity Systems - an introduction
Distributing content   Releasing your cars/tracks to the public
    Fixing content warnings
    Changes between different Racer versions
Old cars and tracks   Upgrading content to v0.9 final
Physics   Hardcore physics tweaking
    Telemetry - logging information while driving
    Chair controllers; outputting data to drive external devices


For some more programming-oriented look at Racer, check out the technical documentation page. There is also a small book I'm writing on Racer and C++ in general; if you're into programming, this might be an interesting read. Download the 'Programming C++ in Style' here (in PDF format).



General   Profiling CPU & GPU activity
Multiview   Projector distortion editing
Physics   Battling stability issues
    Combined slip in tire models - an overview
Graphics   DDS file loading in OpenGL
    Lighting in Racer
Multiplayer   Multiplayer interpolation, prediction and latency
File formats   The DOF file format (3D geometry)
    The RTD file format (Racer Telemetry Data)


You can find more info on useful books, papers and some other internet links on the links page and more technical info (programmer stuff) on the technical page.

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