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Here's a collection of previous new items. I've moved these out of the way a bit so loading the main page gets faster. Some links may be dead by now.

21-03-03: v0.5.0 beta 11 (for Windows & Mac(!)) has been uploaded. See the beta download page. Fixes a bug with tire force directions.

15-03-03: v0.5.0 beta 10 has been uploaded. See the beta download page. Improves a lot on the collision detection, and easier front-wheel drive through a differential addition.

04-03-03: v0.5.0 beta 9 has been uploaded. See the beta download page. Fixes weight transfer bugs; it does seem to be getting close to drivable by now. ;-)

04-12-02: v0.5.0 beta 8 has been uploaded. See the beta download page. Fixes a spline bug near start/finish and gets multiplayer working for one-on-one (though very crude!).

30-10-02: The latest PC beta, v0.5.0 beta 7 has been uploaded. See the beta download page. Fixes a very important bunch of physics and spline bugs. This is the version required to get cars to be compatible with Racer versions v0.5.0 beta 6 and 7 onward.

21-09-02: A new Mac version has been uploaded. It's v0.5.0 beta 6; see the Mac download page. Now features sound, HID controller support and fullscreen support.

15-07-02: The Mac version doesn't run as it should (can't click the window); some resource file is missing (!). Working on it.

12-07-02: Preliminary Mac release (based on v0.5.0 beta 4). Careful; this is hardcore stuff to get things up probably.

05-07-02: Curved v1.2 release. Now imports Dyno2000 files (for engine torque curves). It's in the beta page, but does look to work quite ok.

03-07-02: GPLex v2.1 release. Fixes the flipped texture bug (trees/fences).

27-06-02: Got a Mac! :) Now for some Dev Tools CD.

20-06-02: GPLex v2.0 release. Does trackside objects better, plus some other improvements. Also contains TrackEd v1.10, which can now copy flags to other objects in a batch (make all asphalt* objects Collide+Surface for example).

15-06-02: GPLex v1.5 release. Does trackside objects, although there are still some problems, like it only exports 1 of each separate trackside object. Also does MIP->TGA batch conversion. Also, Linux DRI v0.5.0 beta 3 binaries have been uploaded.

13-06-02: GPLex has been updated to v1.3 by now. Option added to export by section, for less work & increased rendering performance. Also, this version was used to export the full GPL Nurburgring into WRL files (!). It's too big for Racer to drive on currently though, I'd say.
Also, the Linux source for v0.5 beta 3 is released, just for those daring enough; it is UNTESTED and just uploaded as a gesture for the Linux people who are waiting for a long time by now for v0.5 final.

10-06-02: GPLex has been updated to v1.1. Fixed 3 important bugs; LODs weren't separated, malformed polygons and temporary files were growing uncontrolled. See the GPLex page and the beta page to download it.

07-06-02: I've just uploaded a brand new GPL 3DO to VRML converter, to aid in possibly converting GPL tracks to Racer (or SCGT if you want...).

20-05-02: A new v0.5.0 beta version (v0.5.0 beta 2.1) has been uploaded (Windows only). It fixes quite a number of important bugs over the last beta from some time ago. There is still upcoming work to do though on the suspensions, so you are warned if you go and tweak your suspension a lot.

06-05-02: Racesim.net is gone. A lot of links have been redirected to m4driving.sm, who have taken over. Thanks to them for the continued webspace! If you still see links to racesim.net on this site, please let me know.

20-02-02: Got my UK Linux magazine from a bookshop here. :) More importantly, v0.5.0beta1 has been released (quite a lot of quirks though).

14-02-02: Racer has appeared in UK's Linux Magazine (issue 17)! Be sure to pick up a copy. Hopefully I'll receive mine soon.

09-02-02: Just a bit of a make-over for the entire website.

29-01-02: Racer moved to its own domain! From now on, it's www.racer.nl. :)

25-01-02: A first v0.5 alpha is released. See the forum, but know this is definitely NOT meant as a sort of upgrade; things are being tested.

22-01-02: A Maya to DOF exporter has been released. See Stecki's site and click the 'Tips' section.

17-01-02: Linux binaries for DRI users (non-nVidia cards) are up. Also, the future document is somewhat more explicit.

15-01-02: I made a tutorial on importing GPL/N4 skies into Racer.

04-01-02: Another tutorial on lofting tracks in ZModeler. Thanks to Ryan T for providing it.

03-01-02: A new tutorial on exporting DOF files from within ZModeler.

28-12-01: Release of v0.4.9 for Linux and SGI IRIX. Also the source code is now available.

24-12-01: Release of v0.4.9! No source code and Linux version yet; they should follow shortly. Merry Christmas! :)

17-11-01: Uploaded a v049alpha3 patch which fixes the FF, delays the replay overflow bug (by listening to racer.ini's replay.size setting), and allows keyboard only in the menus (press ENTER to select an item and use TAB/Shift-TAB to move around). Beta users only (use at your own risk). This one's called v049 alpha 3.1.

17-10-01: Uploaded some shots I brought home from my latest timetravel trip. They're from v0.4.9, with skidmarks, smoke and sun. Just got a Geforce3, so framerates have gone up. Note if you have FMOD sound crashes (division by 0), redownload the v3.4 sound API at FMOD's site. Bugs have been fixed in the Windows version, but not yet in the Linux version. Also, a beta Pacejka editor is downloadable for the techies.

04-10-01: Release of v0.4.8! Windows, Linux and IRIX version are all up (including source code) from 5:00pm.

19-09-01: Due to an overload of (real) work, I've been unable to get v0.4.8 up yet. I'll do some more tweaking to multiplayer to get it just a bit working and will try to put the new version up (non-beta) around the start of October.

27-08-01: Put up a plan document on the future of Racer, since some mistaken ideas exist as to the goals and openness of the project.

13-08-01: Due to the often very busy download section at File Planet (High Gear's server) some mirror locations are up. See the download pages if you are having troubling downloading.

03-08-01: Release of Linux version v0.4.7.1, which includes SOUND! (although I think the engine sound doesn't use frequency yet). Thanks to Uwe Schuerkamp for a wonderful job. Get it here. Windows version is still v0.4.7 (had sound already).

01-08-01: Release of Linux version v0.4.7, with thanks to Uwe Schuerkamp for compiling and uploading the lot.

30-07-01: Release of v0.4.7. Frontend, multiple controller support, mipmapping, aerodynamics, new (better) slip combining method, possible fix of the Win98 'can't run it more than twice' bug, transparent car parts support, TrackEd/Modeler dialogs no longer painted away (Win98), FF jittering reduced, and best laps!

27-07-01: Download pages are up again, since most of the files have moved to High Gear. Some local files may still be offline.

13-07-01: Due to high volume downloads (and my ISP not allowing more traffic), I had to take most of the downloads offline. The Windows & Linux versions are still available at High Gear. The files will be up again starting the beginning of next month. Thanks for understanding and I'm working on resolving this issue.

10-07-01: A new forum is up at High Gear. Feel free to talk about cars, tracks etc. there. I can assure you there are already several people converting cars, tracks and creating new ones from scratch, so it's worth it.

09-07-01: Released an update of the Linux binaries; the old ones linked to libMesaGLU.so; if you can't run Racer because it says it can't find libMesaGLU.so, try the new versions. Also put up a page for a faster conversion of Monza, where you have to do minimal work to get it up & running.

08-07-01: Release of v0.4.6.1. Mainly fixes a HUGE bug in the grip section, thanks to Stefan Wolff for the observation that lead to the discovery. You now have twice the grip, and it feels MUCH better. Also fixed the shadows, which should be more consistent now, did some work on the skid sounds, improved upon the Porsche & Viper and optimized the spline track intersections. A patch is available for Windows; people with Linux or SGI should redownload the new version entirely.

29-06-01: Fixed a bug in v0.4.6 binaries of Linux; Racer crashed after the intro, and Modeler wasn't included. Redownload the binary pack. Also fixed the Win32 source code pack; some spurious files were mistakenly included (not needed if you just downloaded the racing package). BTW make sure you redownload an extra tracks; v0.4.5 tracks may not work in v0.4.6 (well, at least they've improved).

28-06-01: Release of v0.4.6. Fixes the single texture bug on Linux. Environment mapping, curved surfaces (smoother tracks possible!), viscous locking differential, TrackEd improved, physics improvements. Needs a good car setup though, since it is quite slippery again.
My favorite (most drivable) config; the Ferrari 312 on the Oval, using debug.ini's friction_circle_method=1 (!).

04-06-01: Uploaded a tarball of the data files for Linux & IRIX users to avoid having to install the Windows version and copying files over. Check the download pages for the links. Also added some new pictures of the upcoming v0.4.6 release (but there's still trouble getting the environment maps to work on the PC).

24-05-01: Released a new car; a '67 Ferrari 312, well known from Grand Prix Legends. Is a bit slow on the engine side, but drives quite nicely around Surfers for example. Thanks to Neil Bainbridge for allowing me to use his models. A bit slammed together on the physics side. WARNING: May crash on Windows (Windows2000/Geforce2MX/nVidia12.41)!

19-05-01: Release of v0.4.5. There was a huge bug in the turning forces. Car handling is now far better but still too slippery when too much steering is applied at most times (perhaps a bit due to the open differential which makes the spinning wheel spin even more). Control set files for Logitech Wingmang Force added. Save & load race feature.

17-05-01: Stub include files added to the source code page. And some more instructions to get it working.

15-05-01: Better source code release with actually working makefiles for Linux for example. Also some binary packages added to the download page for IRIX and Linux.

14-05-01: Release of v0.4.5beta. Linux version added! Physics 'enhanced' to get power oversteer. Rendering optimized to get higher framerates; optimized repeated texture loading (was only used in TrackEd!). Collision detection with track, and try to find the switch to put an AI car in (is he alive?). Differential code inserted. Remember, this is a beta. Too much sun here the last 2 weeks! ;-)

07-04-01: Zipped version of all v0.4.1 files uploaded for SGI users (if you can't install the PC version).

06-04-01: Release of v0.4.1. Tire model now includes build-up of lateral forces (tire relaxation lengths); doesn't seem much but the car is FAR more drivable like a real car. Track camera's, a new controller set (Guillemot Ferrari wheel) and the SGI version. Also info on track cameras. And some discussions from R.A.S. for the techies.

30-03-01: Put up some documentation of the source code.

29-03-01: Release of v0.4. Pacejka tire model, force feedback, optimized track triangle intersections, engine torque curve normalized, new default track (Carrera from Bobonen), wheel lock physics improved, mouse support, shifting support with controller buttons, half-analog clutch, open differential (very crude still), engine inertia effects added, engine rpm better simulated, extra cars, the car now has a shadow, and a bugfix for the log file (which could grow infinitely large) and restoring the desktop when exiting. A lot of source code is also available.
Physics files have changed (for those who have imported cars)!

09-03-01: Release of v0.39.2. Shift-R / Shift-P now work perfect. Drivability improved. Camera following is now correct. Installer fixed to generate correct shortcuts on Win95. First frame helicopter flight fixed. Suspension could lock forever. 4WD was accidentally on. Fixed other minor bugs. Car is now lit. Wheel models (finally)! In-car view. Fog. Brake factor to get a brake balance. Oval track lightened because of some bugs in the track (you could dip into the track in T1).

03-03-01: Release of v0.39.1. Shift-R / Shift-P now work far better; they also reset the suspension and wheels. The car is a bit more drivable now. No display lists are being used. It saves a lot of memory. Timing is improved; it should have better resolution now. Although you won't see it through the car's behavior, the Physics% and Graphics% are much more stable now. Icons are created in the installation. Curved was missing from v0.39. The camera pitch following has been improved.

28-02-01: Release of v0.39 (quite a few weird problems, so no v0.4 yet). Added info on track timelines. Physics engine reworked to use quaternions (the car's body now has gyroscopic precession as well). Gravity now always point down. Views.ini files now possible to create dials, timers etc. in a very flexible way. Timelines also really work, so you can now drive an actual lap time!
Everything is now packed into 1 installation package. Note that CarLab doesn't work in this release, and that no icons are created yet, so run Config etc. from the installation directory directly (that's why it's not 0.4 yet). Also, some problems exist when starting Racer; if the car flies away, try quickly pressing Shift-R.

02-02-01: Added links to information and other free car sim sites (see the references page). Updated the site a bit (new heading mainly).

17-01-01: The new STD template library usage seems to require a bit more DLLs than what's normally installed onto most systems. I've put up release and debug DLL zips you can download to get things running if you're missing some DLLs.

16-01-01: Bugfix in Racer & TrackEd which caused a stack overflow when COM1 couldn't be opened (this is used for debugging); other utilities will follow automatically when a new version appears.
TrackEd texture loading optimized, so it now is a LOT less memory intensive. Added/updated some more info here & there.
New Racer v0.36 exe which let's you drive on Oval1 (yikes, physics can be really tested now!). For problems, a debug version is already available, so I can do something with the addresses when the program crashes.

14-01-01: I've described my view frustum culling method (for programmer interest) here. It's still kiddy play, but nevertheless results in much boosted rendering times.

09-01-01: Midnight release of Racer v0.35. Lighting improvements, better controllable Ferrari P4 (less torque and wheel lock), a track (Oval1) to try with TrackEd, and the new DOF format. So for users of v0.3, you *MUST* redownload all apps. Sorry about the big format change, I'm determined to not have these big necessary followups again, if possible.
A little later today, around 2:30pm, I received messages that no control sets were available. Immediately packed up a new Racer exe, and they're in there now. Just redownload and install, and you'll be able to use a joystick or wheel (split axis).

06-01-01: SCGT track importing (graphicswise) is beginning to pay off, see the TrackEd picture above (not yet downloadable). The above shot runs at ~50fps on my PCII-400, TNT2Ultra/32Mb.

29-12-00: DOF1 file format documented.

27-12-00: DOF file format updated (DOF1) for the use of indexed primitives. Because of a major change in the file format, you'll have to redownload most applications, Racer, Carlab, Modeler (not Config or Curved) to be able to load/use the new format (DOF0 is now obsolete). The benefit is that the format is now much more mature, in the sense that it can be extended quite easily without the need for complete buildovers like this.
Also, Modeler can now optimize triangle meshes from VRML input (the FerP4 VRL files were ugly in that respect), can regenerate normals and show the paint bursts.

20-12-00: Homepage updated with frames and such. v0.3 prerelease (<X-mas) with lots of extra apps and documentation.
Multiple control sets support (joystick/wheel). Configuration executable for easy setup.
However, lots of things halfly tested on PC. The documentation will be rather more interesting perhaps than the apps themselves.

13-10-00: Racer v0.2 alpha release, CarLab v0.01 skeleton as well.

20-09-00: Curved v1.0 release; for an upcoming new version.

29-08-00: First release, very alpha. Some arrows, no wheelspin.

05-08-00: Start of the project.

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