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This page attempts to collect known bugs. Currently the source of discussion is on the RSC forum.

Wishes won't end up here, just bugs. If you have a bug report, please make sure that it isn't already listed here. If you have a remark on a specific bug, please include the bug number for reference. Before you submit a bug, also make sure you have checked the QLOG file for any warnings that may have lead to the bug.

Reports / remarks can be sent to bugs@racer.nl.

Known bugs in v0.8.12

These are known bugs and will be addressed.

Graphics bugs

These are known graphics bugs. Note that replays aren't really heavily supported, so those won't show up here.

Bug number Status Date Description Workaround/notes
G1 closed 03-11-09 Flares are rendered in (live) envmap. Fixed in v087
G2 closed 03-11-09 Wheels with high camber get smaller. Fixed in v089
G3 closed 03-11-09 "Simple" cameras that are fixed in pitch, roll and yaw still move around over bumps and through turns, only yaw=1 seems to work. Fixed
G4 closed 03-11-09 Console pops up over time lines after being used for input, despite disabling in racer.ini (was previously fixed in v0.8.4). Fixed in v086. Note that if you disable the console, then use it for input, that forces the console back on. The timelines messages have been removed though. Use 'console disable' to turn the console off again.
G5 closed 03-11-09 Light flares are misaligned with regards to the camera. The billboarding of the light flares is incorrect, which makes them stretched and skewed and certain angles. Fixed in v0.8.13
G6 closed 03-11-09 Car mirrors don't work (if FBO's are not supported?) Fixed in v086; a QLOG message is generated indicating the problem, but the program continues using the framebuffer.
G7 closed 12-11-09 Car mirrors only work right after loading the track, when the mirror fbo is set to 0 and the virtual mirror is also activated. Otherwise, with the virtual mirror disabled, the car mirrors will only appear after pressing F4 manually each time a track is loaded.
As a temporary fix, I enabled the virtual mirror and set it's size to 1x1px. Now, when either the car's or the virtual mirror, or both are on, the bottom left of the screen shows a flickering semi-transparent mirror image.
Fixed in v087b (with a warning if mirrors.simple.enable=1 and mirrors.texture.enable=0, which is not supported)
G8 closed 03-06-10 .dds format textures show green and purple colouring at a distance DDS loader didn't load the smallest 2 mipmap levels correctly. Fixed in v089.

Physics bugs

Bug number Status Date Description Workaround/notes
P1 open 03-11-09 Dampers still exert forces onto the suspension system. High settings for bump/rebound directions push/pull the car up/down.  
P2 closed 03-11-09 Wheels with high camber get smaller. Really a graphics bug. Fixed in v089.
P3 wontfix 03-11-09 Depressing the brake while standing still adds negative torque to the non-driven axle (or those receiving fake AWD torque) until the brake is released. Does this have an impact on actual driving? Or is it just a side-effect only visible as a numerical effect?
P4 open 03-11-09 Differentials are very buggy overall, LSD types (type=3) lock up when changing direction and after braking hard to a standstill. Tapping the brake sets the locked wheels free again, so it's likely a force reversal issue. Couldn't reproduce yet (in v087)
P5 open 03-11-09 Driving over slopes, ramps and similar obstacles makes the vehicle slide towards the lower side when this should not occur due to surface and tyre definitions.  
P6 closed 03-11-09 When letting AI drive player car, force feedback still affects the wheel. Fixed in v086
P7 closed 03-11-09 Racer is still looking for k= when k_curve= is defined, complains in qlog. Fixed in v087
P8 open 03-11-09 Qlog complains about missing gear5.engine_map for cars with less than 5 gears. Fixed in v086, seems to exist still. Anybody has an example car that exhibits the problem?
P9 wontfix 03-11-09 When the car is far away from the world origin, it starts shaking and twitching strangely. Almost impossible to fix it seems; not high on the list.
P10 closed 03-11-09 Worldsize can be too small, resulting in cars freezing when reaching the end of the world (5000m from the origin). Fixed.
P11 closed 04-11-09

Comments in ini files can hide values. aero.x in the following is not seen:


Fixed in v086. If the ini is written back though, it will have the comment line AFTER the tree. Best is not to use it like this (comments are tree nodes as well).
P12 closed 12-11-09 Apart from that, type=4 differentials don't actually lock the wheels together at the moment. (v086) fixed in v087
P13 closed 12-11-09 With ff_factor=0, I still get FFB effects from surface definitions. Also, when letting the AI drive the player's car, FFB affects the controller. ff_factor only modifies Pacejka forces; surface forces are a part of the track and should be scaled using the controls (or software such as Logitech Profiler).
P14 closed 7-12-09 brake glow still appears when simply driving in reverse. Fixed in v0.8.12
P15 closed 12-01-10 forces are carried over when resetting the car. Example: driving off the edge of a map or into an object and resetting the car while it's in the air or bouncing of results in the reseted car spinning or being pushed by left-over forces Improved in v0.8.12

User interfacing / controller bugs

Bug number Status Date Description Workaround/notes
U1 open 03-11-09 Racer crashes if you exit to the menu after driving and try to select a new car.  
U2 closed 12-01-10 On Logitech G27 wheels, if the LEDs are active while exiting Racer they stay on Fixed in v0.8.24

Multiplayer bugs

Bug number Status Date Description Workaround/notes
M1 closed 03-11-09 Live environment mapping for clients in multiplayer events is that of the host. Fixed in v087

Installer bugs

Bug number Status Date Description Workaround/notes
I1 closed 12-01-10 racer.ini defines two entries for fs_filter1, one of which is pointing to a non-existant file Fixed in v089 (distribution utility automatically strips double entries in racer.ini)

Content related bugs (specific cars/tracks involved)

Note that the content is mostly created by the Racer community, so please don't report issues that are due to faults in the car or track.

Bug number Status Description Workaround/notes
C1 closed Some collisions with armcos on ring2002 (eg outside entry Hatzenbach) cause slowdowns, due to qlog being filled with "float x is NaN" messages v087 doesn't give NaN messages, but internally, state is still messed up. May be due to single-polygon objects guadrails) that are hit from the side. Also, later Racer versions feed unculled polygons differently to Newton, offsetting them by about 10cm, so that the materials doesn't get infinitely thin. Rebuilding the cache in the track directory (just remove it) then would fix it. I've seen this work on some tracks.
C2 open Several tracks including Polish_Roads_2006_Stage_2 and Lunghezza have an "invisible wall", where vehicles are stopped immediately, seemingly floating slightly above the ground. Possible to fix in v086 with racer.ini's limits.world_size (increase to 10000 for example). I need to know the limit for the biggest track currently available for future releases. Haven't seen it anymore since v0.8.14 though.

Enhancement requests

Some enhancements that are high on the want-list.

Request number Status Description Workaround/notes
E1 open Timeline must look at front contact patch instead of CG of car (mostly near the center).  

Features to be created for v0.9

v0.9 should be stable for a while. Here's a list of things I'm planning:

Feature number Status Description Workaround/notes
F1 closed For car lights, add 'bounce_amount' and 'bounce_use_alpha' shader settings. These control the amount of light being added in the projective light pass, and whether to use the alpha in the first texture of the shader. Currently the light pass uses alpha (to avoid trees being lit as a square for example) but it also does this on the road (talking about Carlswood) so the road isn't being lit as much you would expect. Present in v0.8.21.
F2 closed Move out all TOD variables to modifiable curves; sun.diffuse, sun.ambient, sun.specular, rayleigh, mie, extinction_factor, sun.xyz, sun.intensity, some kind of flare factor to increase/decrease flare size, projected light intensity. Only hard-settable in special.ini (of a track). The 'time' command uses hardcoded values. v0.8.17 contains a TOD editor already ('edit tod').
F3 closed Replay saving dialog is not shown (although it's there, just type and press Enter). Fixed
F4 closed Reflection lighting seems bad (use a body sphere, it seems the cubemap sides have noticable seams). Seems ok, perhaps the fresnel defaults needs a change (Mr Whippy is looking into it). Cubemap rendering fixed in v0.8.19.
F5 closed Controller screen should include 'Free shifting' checkbox and perhaps a force feedback slider to determine the amount of force. Perhaps a FF page even (damping/inertia forces). Freeshifting is automatic in v0.8.19 (when you start using direct or up/down shifting, the mode is switched automatically). Racer v0.8.24 has the advanced FF screen.


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(last updated December 30, 2014 )